My personal introduction: Valentina Guerrero

Hi, my name is Valentina, I’m now 13 years old. I live in La Plata and I go to Bellas Artes school the same as the rest of the kids posting here.

We are four in my family, I have a brother, my mum and my dad and I love them very much. I don’t have any pets, but I’d love to have a dog.

In my free time, I like dancing and singing. I also love sports so I play hockey.

(field hockey stick)

(field hockey stick)

I love watching series and films with my best friends, my favourite Disney film is Moanna and Pretty Little Liars is a TV show that I like very much. 

In the future I would like to be a teacher, I don’t know what type of teacher but a really good one, or to study a subject related to communication.


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