my personal introduction Clara

HI! I’m Clara and i was born in november of 2003, meaning i’m 13 years old. I’m from La Plata, Argentina. I’m  going to school at Bachillerato Bellas Artes, it’s a school with enough hours of plasticart or music, you can choose!I like playing hockey, doing ski, travelling, see series and be with friends and family ! My favourite food is pasta and my favourite color is red.

Now, i’m going to tell about my family. I have two brothers, their names are Julian (he’s 11 years old) and Felipe (he’s 4 years old), i haven’t sisters. My parents have been divorced for a few years, and my daclari bbad have a new wife. My mom is called Paula and mi dad is called Esteban. Also i have grandmothers and grandfathers they’re Osvaldo, Tito, Esteban, Cristina, Ana, Elena. As well i have a pet, it’s a dog, its name is Leon, is a labrador.

In the future i’ll be doctor, i’m sure! helping other people is great! it’s a difficult gree, but i like the medicine. On the other hand my dad is doctor, he’ll be able to help me to study.

This is a bit of me, Clara


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