On this page I’ll publish present and past projects about different topics:

2nd year 2012: World Leaders of Human Rights

Digital multimedia posters about people who fought for human rights.

2nd year 2017: Personal Introductions

Blog posts by the students about their favourite things, activities they enjoy doing and people they admire. Digital tool: Teacher’s Blog

3rd year 2016: The Fake Classics

A Class e-book, a collection of traditional children’s stories rewritten by the students in a new version. Stories written in separate Word documents converted to a pdf file.

3rd year 2017: Hello, nice to meet you!

A class visual presentation with introductions of all the group. Digital tool: Shared google slides document.

4th year 2017: Nice memories in my Life

A class collection of audio comments about photos they like and memories from those photos. Digital tool: voicethread

6th year 2016: World Mysteries

Visual presentations about famous mysteries around the world and in our country. A  reflection on what is behind a mystery for different cultures.







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