Hello there! My name is Ulises, most of the people call me ULEE. I’m 13 years old and I live in Argentina.



(That’s me)

My family is composed by: My mother and my father, and two brothers, a big one, and a small one. And I also have a 7-year-old female dog, his name is Gaia, and a 1-year-old masculine cat, his name is Light.


(This is my dog “Gaia”)


(This is my cat “Light”)


Talking about school, I like things like grupal homeworks, special classes, etc. Now, if we’re talking about my free time, I enjoy a lot playing videogames and making music, both of them on my PC. I don’t want to talk that much about making music, because I’m a begginer, I just made two songs.


(This is the videogame controller that I use for playing on my PC, its called “Steam Controller”)

My favourite type of music is electro, I don’t have a favourite artist, most of them are good. And about videogames, I like almost all of theme, except some shooters and sports game. But if I had to choose, my favourite one would be all of “Sonic The Hedgehog” games, those are just, awesome.

I think that’s all I have to say, goodbye everyone!