My personal introduction

Hello, my name is Franco, I am thirteen years old, I was born on November 30 of 2003, in La Plata, Buenos Aires. 

I live with my father Eduardo, my mother Claudia, and my two brothers Bautista and Mateo. I don’t have pets.

My high school is Bachillerato de Bellas Artes. I am in second year.

I like swimming, play PlayStation 4, doing Taekwon-Do, going to the beach, watching films and talking to my friends or family.

I’ve been doing  Taekwon-Do for a long time, 8 years exactly, I’m a black belt. 20170416_183119


 I like go to the beach, where there aren’t many people. I always go on holidays to the countryside in Oceania del Polonio, Uruguay.

I like mystery films, fantasy films, science fiction films, thriller films, historical moment and comedies , my favorites are: The Da Vinci Code, The Imitation Game, The Martian, Sully, The Naked Gun 1, 2 and 3 among others.

I like playing on the PlayStation 4 shooting games, puzzles and strategy games.

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